Little Dragons (Ages 3+)

If your family would like to experience a fun and exciting activity that is specifically geared towards positive education and physical training, set up a 2 Week Trial Class by calling us at: (401) 331-7900!

US Taekwondo Complex Teaches Children Success Skills for Life!

Our Children’s Martial Arts Program has been carefully designed to assist your child to set goals and achieve greater success in all areas of their life. US Taekwondo Complex is able to accomplish this by training and mentoring your child’s physical, mental, and social developmental skills.

The students will partake in specific skills and drills targeted on their personal strength, flexibility, mental focus, and physical endurance. We also help in increasing our students’ coordination, reflexes, and athletic skills. Most importantly, your child will love the excitement of learning Taekwondo techniques, such as kicking, forms, self-defense techniques, anti-bullying techniques, and leadership skills!

Believing in Yourself Starts Early!

Our philosophy is to help students to develop their confidence, dedication, focus skills, and physical techniques through encouragement, praise, and motivation through support when trying new activities. Each motion and technique is lectured step by step so that our younger children can understand. We also use variety of different drills, training tools, and teaching methods to keep classes interesting and fun!

US Taekwondo Complex’s curriculum is specially designed and age appropriate to lead students through stripes for their current belt before obtaining their next belt. This is structured to enable our students to learn how to set goals and achieve them to build and grow their confidence.

At US Taekwondo Complex, Your Child will Learn:

  • Better Focus and Concentration Skills
  • To Treat Others with Respect and Courtesy
  • Self-Control and Discipline
  • Tools to Set Goals and Achieve Them
  • Perseverance During Difficulties
  • Exercise to Build Life-Long Healthy Habits
  • How to Make Positive Decisions