Teen and Adults (Ages 13+)

If your family would like to experience a fun and exciting activity that is specifically geared towards positive education and physical training, set up a 2 Week Trial Class by calling us at: (401) 331-7900!

No Experience Necessary!

Majority of our Teen and Adults students start off without any previous knowledge of Taekwondo! Many of our older students come for many reasons, such as learning self-defense, stress relief, partaking in physical fitness activity, and to gain confidence.

Taekwondo Classes at US Taekwondo Complex offers great workouts, with each class including thorough stretching, bursts of cardio, intense drills, and weight loss and core related physical training.

All students who are willing to put in the effort will benefit from achieving personal goals in a surrounding that is filled with welcoming and motivating students who are willing to make friends!

Our Taekwondo Masters are Dedicated to Help You Succeed!

You will be training in an atmosphere with others students who have similar goals and they are ready to encourage one another at all times. In this environment, you are able to make the best out of each class!

Teen and Adults students appreciate that the time spent in Taekwondo Classes adds confidence in defending themselves with personal protection skills. You will learn different variations of blocking, kicking, punching, and striking techniques along with different series of grabs and takedowns.

With time and effort spent in classes, you will gain the self-confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing how to defend others and yourself.
Many of our Teen and Adult students have stated that Taekwondo has aided them to become calmer, more focused, and goal oriented in their personal life. That is why martial arts is not just a workout, it is a lifestyle!

The Benefits of Learning Taekwondo at US Taekwondo Complex:

  • Learning Self-Defense
  • Better Health and Wellness
  • Active and Positive Lifestyle
  • Increased Confidence
  • Chance to Learn Something New
  • Fun Way to Exercise
  • Meeting Friendly People
  • Being Part of a Positive and Encouraging Atmosphere