Family Class (Ages 6+)

If your family would like to experience a fun and exciting activity that is specifically geared towards positive education and physical training, set up a 2 Week Trial Class by calling us at: (401) 331-7900!

Family Class is the Best Family Activity!

Training, sweating, and learning together as a family is truly a special experience! In this specific class, families share common goals with other families and encourage each other when approaching varieties of challenges and obstacles during Taekwondo Class!

Bond with your family and others as each student works towards achieving their next belt rank! The amount of energy and excitement in our Family Class is contagious and it is a wonderful way to enjoy a great workout, while learning the values and morals of Taekwondo.

Participate in Family Class to become healthy and be active as part of your Family’s Weekly Routine!

Taking Family Class is a fun experience, it creates memories and will bring your family closer together! Learn a martial art together as a family that focuses on Respect, Confidence, Teamwork, Courtesy, Focus Skills, and Appreciation for oneself and others!

Our Family Class Program at US Taekwondo Complex Provides:

  • A bonding experience that brings families closer together
  • A rewarding activity that each family will enjoy
  • A healthy way to benefit both mentally and physically
  • A positive atmosphere surrounded by goal setters and achievers